Xtreme Softball / Advanced Baseball

Fall 2018 Tryouts August 2nd to 5th (Detailed Schedule to be posted later)

Updated Thursday July 5, 2018 by Nick Zuzek.

Advanced Baseball and Xtreme Softball

NTAA Advanced Baseball (AB) and Xtreme Softball (Xtreme) provides an opportunity for players to train and compete at an advanced level. The AB and Xtreme programs exist to provide an advanced player that has a higher skill level and has a passion for playing, an opportunity to compete at a higher level.

NTAA AB and Xtreme teams will compete in the Cal Ripken West Florida AB League and Babe Ruth Xtreme Fast pitch, during the Fall and Spring seasons. 

For additional information for the AB program, see the West Florida Advance Baseball site: https://www.wfabaseball.com/ 

Seasons: NTAA advanced programs will consist of a Fall and a Spring season, which will target between 6-14 games per season.

  • Fall Season: The Fall Season will be a 6-8 week season that will take place from late September through early December. Includes up to 2 field practices per week (depending on field availability) and 1 batting practice per week
  • Spring Season: Spring will typically begin after recreation tryouts and finish prior to the start of the league tournament. Includes practices on the Sundays that AB/Xtreme games are not being played

Cost: Cost will cover uniforms, umpire fees, player insurance, baseballs / softballs, equipment and field time

  • Fall Registration Fee: approximately $150 
  • Spring Registration Fee: approximately $100 (this will be an additional registration (not included in  Spring Recreational Registration))

Manager Selection:

  • A Manager Selection Panel will be appointed each year to select a manager at each age level. The panel will consist of the Director of Competitive Divisions, the NTAA President and NTAA Vice President. 
  • The Competitive Division Director will review candidates and make recommendations to the Manager Selection Panel in order to finalize managers at each age level. Manager selection will take place prior to the AB / Xtreme tryouts. 
  • All AB / Xtreme Managers must go through the selection process each season.

Player Selection:

  • The AB and Xtreme programs are competitive programs, so each player is required to try out. 
  • Tryouts will be held before each Fall and Spring AB and Xtreme Season.
  • Tryouts will be a 3 day evaluation. 1 day of skills evaluation (fielding, throwing, hitting, pitching, and running), and 2 days of scrimmage (game situation environment). 
  • Evaluation Panel: An evaluation panel will consist of the Competitive Director, the President, the Vice President, and the selected Manager. 
  • Team Selection: The Manager will determine the number of roster positions prior to the panel vote. The team will be selected by the panel with each member having an equal vote. 

Mandatory Playing Rules: There are no mandatory playing rules. Playing time is completely at the discretion of the manager for his or her particular team. However, managers will make a conscious effort to get all players into games.

Rosters: Rosters will consist of 11-15 players as determined by the Manager and the Competitive Director. Mangers will be allowed to add players throughout the season based on need.  Any roster additions will be approved by the Competitive Director and the NTAA Board.

Teams: The number of teams will be determined based on tryout participation. At a minimum, NTAA will try to field teams for the following age groups:

AB: 7U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, Juniors, and Seniors. 

Xtreme: 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U

Baseball & Softball Age Chart 

(Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 League Season)


Birth Date Range



Birth Date Range


5/1/2012 to 4/30/2013



2012 & 2013


5/1/2011 to 4/30/2012



2010 & 2011


5/1/2010 to 4/30/2011



2008 & 2009


5/1/2009 to 4/30/2010



2006 & 2007


5/1/2008 to 4/30/2009



2004 & 2005


5/1/2007 to 4/30/2008



2002 & 2003


5/1/2006 to 4/30/2007



2000 & 2001


5/1/2003 to 4/30/2006





5/1/2000 to 4/30/2003