8U Softball All Stars Tomahawks 2017 District 10 Champions!

Updated Monday July 10, 2017 by Nick Zuzek.

The 8U Softball All Stars 2017 Tomahawks won the District 10 Championship which featured a 34 to 8 win over Fossil Park and a 15 to 0 win over NW St. Pete.

The Team continued onto the State Tournament, in which they finished 5th out of 25 State Tourney 8U Teams.  The Tomahawks completed the summer all star season as the 5th ranked team out of 65 8U All Star Teams in the State of Florida overall. The tournament featured the Tomahawks defeating two District Champions, beating Fort Collins 14 to 9 and Fleming Island 19 to 2.

The Tomahawks were managed by Nick Zuzek, and assistant coaches were; Todd Parker, Christy Rankin, Eric Steinbach, and Mark Millican.

Players: Alyssa Shahin, Josslyn Barber, Madelyn Parker, Valora Brewington, Skylah Stephens, Layla Wofford, Allyson Rankin, Lilly Rosson, Madeline Millican, Natalie Zuzek, Taylor Ramsey, Eliana Rivera, and Loryn Steinbach