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Eliana's Birthday: Twisted Sisters - Bass - 10U
All Day
Lola's Birthday: Twisted Sisters - Bass - 10U
All Day
Easter: Twisted Sisters - Bass - 10U
All Day

  • USF Hosting NTAA Day on March 25th @ 1PM

    Good Afternoon NTAA, we are pleased to announce our upcoming USF day.  This will be a great event for the kids to show some support for our local college team.  We hope everyone takes advantage of this specia... More
  • NTAA Xtreme Softball Tournament

    NTAA is proud to announce that the first of many Xtreme Fastpitch tournaments took place this weekend at NTAA.  The NTAA 10U Twisted Sisters won their first two games against two very competitive teams from W... More
  • NTAA Opening Day - Spring 2018

      Baseball/Softball is Back in action at NTAA.  Opening day has come and gone, but we hope that the memories made will last a long time for all of the kids!  It was a great day of baseball and softball, and ... More
  • Unofficial Opening Night at Eber

    Baseball is back! Welcome to the NTAA 2018 Spring Season.  Due to a scheduling conflict which would have resulted in 2 teams being unable to have an opening day game, NTAA sprang into action and held a game a... More
  • Dick's 2018 Year-Long Coupon

    Click Here for the Dick's Sporting Goods Coupon Sheet.
  • New USA Bat Rules - 2018

    NTAA, Prior to the Fall 2017 Season we sent out a communication concerning the New USA Bat Rules that are in effect as of January 1st 2018. Please refer to the Babe Ruth Website for more information: https... More